Turn Back Time Beauty owner Charmaine McFarlane is New Zealand’s exclusive supplier of the new Aduro light therapy machines. With eight different colours, the Aduro LED machines can treat a variety of skin conditions at the same time.

Ageing is hard enough on your skin without the dehydrating effects of cold, dry air in winter. Much of the damage can be undone, however, with a new technology that uses different coloured lights to treat a variety of skin conditions.

The Aduro light therapy machines build upon a process developed by Nasa to grow plants in space, although in this case the LED treatments help regrow and protect skin cells.

This can improve the suppleness and elasticity of skin while reducing wrinkles, scarring, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and age spots.

Different coloured lights have different effects, with the best results achieved using the more powerful lights allowed in salons.

Christchurch beautician Charmaine McFarlane is the exclusive supplier of Aduro light therapy machines in New Zealand and for the past year has been providing treatments at her suburban clinic Turn Back Time Beauty.

‘‘People are blown away. They can’t believe it,’’ she says.

‘‘I’m now getting a lot of referrals. Most people book 12 treatments because that’s when you see those ‘wow’ results. It’s like a natural facelift. It takes a little longer but there’s no downtime, no surgery or costs in the thousands of dollars. It’s just slowly regrowing the cells.’’

The Aduro light therapy machines are unique in their ability to target areas with an unprecedented eight colours of light. Teeth whitening can even be done in the same session.

Charmaine says treatment plans are tailored to the needs of clients, with each colour used as necessary. For example, red is used to boost collagen production for more youthful skin, while blue reduces acne.

Preventative treatments can also be applied to limit the sagging that occurs as collagen levels naturally decline with age.

Recently, Turn Back Time Beauty helped a woman who for years had been living with severe acne. Eight weeks of treatments caused the acne to all but disappear, and a second series of treatments is now removing old scarring.

Waxing, tinting and other salon services are also available at Turn Back Time Beauty, along with a wide selection of mineral skincare products by Mismo. However, the spa’s headline service is its revolutionary Aduro light treatments.

Customers can continue sessions at home by purchasing an Aduro 7 + 1 LED Facial Home Mask. These have the same eight colours as the salon machines, only with slightly less power.

The home masks can also be used on any part of the body, Charmaine says.

‘‘You can use it to rejuvenate your skin whenever you want. Or if you see a pimple, get the blue light on it straight away because the blue light kills bacteria that grows into a pustule.

‘‘There is also an infrared mode, a pain blocker mode, so if you’ve got a crook knee you can just lie it over your knee. People with back pain can lie it on their back for healing and reducing the dull ache. It’s an amazing overall mask.’’

For more information, call Turn Back Time Beauty on 03 339 7374. The salon is discreetly located at 29A Deloraine St, Somerfield.